New Beginnings..

For one thing, starting off my new year by traveling to India has made me think in an entirely different way. I’ve decided that this year I will embrace my passion for culture by teaching people how to appreciate the beauty in life.


I attribute my new years resolution to my experience at the Ganges River. This sacred festival is one of the most important pilgrimages in the Hindu traditions.


If there is one thing I will always have on me, it is my Egyptian cartouche necklace. My mom bought this for me for Christmas one year, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. It is something that is so unique, with my name imprinted in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In ancient times, a cartouche was used as a nameplate imprinted on the coffins as a symbol of eternity, that is, your soul would last forever. So with my newly dipped cartouche in the Ganges River, I feel a certain sense of empowerment that good fortune will come my way.

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